Final project reflection

What i like about my project the most is how much creative writing and thoughts i put into this paper. Through throughout writing this, i became worn out and struggled coming up with new ways to describe music without overusing words like instrumental and lyric. I did on the other hand enjoy writing the first part of this essay the most because i was initially getting my thoughts into words. It was much more of a struggle to write the second half which made the writing much more difficult thinking of new words i have not used. The main comments i received was to add more transitions between the decades. When one decade would ended, another one instantly started with no context. I tried my best to make these transitions. When i looked back at the paper i was pretty happy with the revised beginnings and endings to each paragraph.

I put a lot of effort into this project. This though was both good and bad. Like i said i put a lot of energy into the first half. But as i was writing the second half, writing became a lot more difficult. Like running the other half of the race, i was mentally exhausted. I spent about three hours a day working on the first half, rounding to about 21 in total. The second half took me much longer for how much i was dragging it out to the point where it sounds bad. Each paragraph took me about 4 hours total to complete.

Id say that my first half is much more diverse than the last half. It is much more descriptive of each genre and decade. I also put a lot more description for the songs i describe. I make much more of an effort to explain the lyrics and the melody of each song. For most of the writing process though i was in my ideal conditions. Me being in a quiet room by myself is usually how i produce the best work. This was mainly the case for much of my writing process. I was either in my room or in the law and society room where i could think by myself. I was able to use my computer and the library services to help me research and write my paper.

When comparing this essay to my other works, i would say that it is not my best work. As i have mentioned throughout this response, i have had trouble writing the last half. I wish i could make it more satisfactory and up to my standards of creative writing but i can’t think of any way to improve it. But i still learned something from doing this project. That i should not try to use all my brain power at once. I should not wear myself out on one paragraph and i should spread my creativity all throughout the essay. This is something i will keep in mind while writing on my own from now on though.

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