Privacy on the internet

I personally have been taught at a young age that anything you post online will most likely stay there forever. This has set in a mindset for me to always be careful and ask myself whether i would want everyone to see this. On my instagram i have one photo and it is of me and a few of my friends from high school. As for platforms like facebook and twitter, i have completed the process of completing my profile but i have not posted anything on either of them.

For the past few years i have been extremely focused on school and i only take breaks occasionally. So my search history would be clouded with things like, MLA style formatting, what the proper accounting cover page would look like, Franciscan values, and many other topics i could not imagine listing. But at the same time i have small searches only searched once like the ROC air center. I looked this up in my process of getting my pilots licence. I will also go on sites like youtube and netflix when i’m taking my breaks. I will mostly find new music genres on youtube and watch some of my favorite shows on Netflix like “Sherlock”.

I do much of my shopping online so many of the things you own i have ordered from a store. Nearly all of the clothes and electronics i use are ordered through the internet. Though when i buy something it is after much consideration and thought before i press purchase. This means i make major purchases not very often. I believe this is the type of profile that is set up for me by google or facebook. A minimal user but when i use it, its for the most important tasks. If they could tell, they could see that currently i am looking for some sort of writing job. With the applications and forms i have completed and submitted online they could tell im looking for any writing job. As a result i am shown ads for a wide variety of writing jobs both near me and out of state. These jobs would require me to punch in or allow me to write from my home.

This being said i have received a wide variety of different ads throughout the past few years of being online. I have received ads such as starting my own company to online mortgage plans. With this it is difficult to say how a company might take this information. Perhaps with all these online applications i have been signing, they may see me as someone who is just getting into the world and looking for a job to sustain myself. And if my age is tracked along with the choice of these ads, then it to would take a facter in these choice of ads. Showing that i am old enough to understand what a mortgage is and be willing to put in for one.

The internet has become incredibly vast over the past few years. It has become a hub for all things shopping and learning amongst a vast assortment of ideas and collaborations between people working to make the internet a more connected place. Though through this free commodity, one thing has been taken away from us that very few people know about, our privacy. As a result much of our search history and online applications are watch closely to monitor our activity to provide through ads we are bound to click on. This invasion of our privacy on the other hand has helped in preventing terrorists and killers from committing heinous acts by looking at their search history.

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