Blogpost 1: Humor

While our humor has changed over the years, there are two types of humor that are most common and effective. What I see as an effective use of humor is the proper use of sarcasm and dumb humor. In my experience, sarcasm is a tool friends use to convey something silly or outlandish that they would not normally say. The use of this type of humor also tests the quality of a friendship and if the person on the receiving end will take what you say as serious vs taking it as the joke it was intended to be. The other type, dumb humor, is used among friends who say things so blatantly obvious, everyone understands its just a joke. Things that don’t need to be pointed out by anyone to understand, but the use of it in a comical sense has brought a lot of laughs to me and my friends. This is a post I have shown my friends that is a great example of dumb humor:

I like this example because it not only makes me laugh to read, but it makes me want to learn more about the titanic and delve into its deep history. I was able to learn not just more information about the titanic diving expeditions, but I was also exposed to many of the materials that lead the titanic to sinking in the first place. This use of dumb comedy allowed me to see through the meme and into the deep history of the greatest known shipwreck in the past century.

The use of sarcasm has had many effects on the online community. I first heard of the russian conspiracy to hack the 2016 election when I was looking at memes on instagram. At first I thought it was just more sarcasm but then I began to wonder more. This made me question whether it was a joke or had some real background. This then made me look further into the matter and find out for myself what the country had feared to be a possibility. It’s this kind of sarcastic comedy that for many people who don’t watch the news, get current events in the form of jokes.

I believe these are two examples of how humor can be used for good. Both memes made me want to delve further into the context surrounding the picture and the history they hold. Humor has, for many years, made us laugh and cry from the comedic value of a joke. But sometimes there comes a deeper meaning that helps us understand sirtin topics of society. But that doesn’t mean it can be used for something like community building. Such as this meme:

This meme helps build a sirtin community of gamers. The top half of the picture is is where most people would put some sort of meme related to someone getting wrecked or someone doing something sneaky. The bottom half is i’m referencing as a community builder. The bottom half represents a skill perk that had just reached a hundred. This is a direct reference to Skyrim, an open word game where leveling up these kind of perks is extremely difficult. This is a great example of community building through dumb humor because its a reference anyone and only anyone who plays Skyrim will truly understand.

Comedy has changed over the years, but our understanding of comedy and the hidden messages in the joke has also grown. There are hidden messages of community and history in many of the memes that we cultivate today. We are able to grow as a community and strengthen our relationships with others of similar values.

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