System Analysis

Systems are built of several parts that all intermingle and work with each other. But it doesn’t mean those parts cannot be improved. This is apparent in the system St. Bonaventure has produced with their Creative Writing program. I have had a primary view in the program and i have been able to understand how this system works and how it could be improved. Understanding and learning creative writing in order is the main point of this system.

St. Bonaventure University has cultivated a great Creative Writing Program. With devoted teachers and in depth lectures, anyone can learn how to properly construct their sentences and how to create stories of their own. The system they use to build a student up to receiving their degree is composed of several beginners writing courses. These classes will teach the student basic writing techniques along with letting them get their feet wet with several essay prompts they are expected to complete. These classes are designed to help students understand how to write professionally and thoroughly. Next over the next 3 years they are presented with more trying tasks in creative writing and advanced creative writing courses. These will give the students a chance to write and compose their own stories and get comprehensive feedback. Kids will be able to learn from their own mistakes and build off what they have already wrote. Then finally in their last year of collage, they will take writing 400. This course will give students a writing project based on their interests. This is a project they will work on for the rest of the year all putting the student to finally get their work and everything they have learned out there to be evaluated and judged to professional standards. The creative writing program teaches a student about writing from a beginners level to professional writing in a few short years. While this program is well built and the teachers are devoted and organized, there are still rules of this education that must be followed. Sence each course is important for the next, each class needs to be taken in order or the system will be damaged and the student won’t be able to fully understand what they are learning in the next class if they had not taken the first.

This system embodies the ideology of understanding things in unison. By starting at the beginning and then slowly building up with more facts and knowledge, the final lesson becomes easier to understand. This is obvious in our school systems where we are shown the underlying facts about a cirtin lesson before we are shown how how they all fit together into our understanding of the lesson as a hole. This is connected to our daily lives in the idea that everything requires building up first. In a video game, inisial levels need to be completed before we can take down the boss. We level up as we defeat more levels which makes the final boss fight much easier than if we where to start the game and go to the final level. Everything project requires work and to understand and achieve the final product we must first start by building up.

While this concept is extremely important for many aspects of our lives, the creative writing system still leaves out aspects that should be addressed. I am currently in a writing 102 class which teaches me the underlying fundamentals of writing and how to write with little to no errors. What I feel could improve is the amount of work devoted to one topic. My first few months were devoted to understanding education and writing about our ideal education system. While I believe this lesson could be important, I believe that we spent too much time on it and we could have devoted that time to other aspects of writing. I love the creative writing system and the teachers are devoted to the student’s success. The only improvement I could give is to change direction a little more often.

The school of St. Bonaventure has cultivated an excellent creative writing program and has devoted its time to its students success. I am glad to have first hand experience with the program and look forward to finishing my education with it. Each class is as important as the last and when they come together they create a education that jumpstarts any student into their writing career.

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