Remix Of Art Perception

“Art is what you can get away with” Andy Warhol makes a very interesting point that nearly anything could be art depending on how you look at it. For my remix, I attempted to create scenarios in which people would interact with various objects in our daily lives and call it art. My goal in this remix is to explain how outrageous some people become when defining art. I want people to see that just because we call something art doesn’t mean it has more value.

I think this comic really helps bring out the point i’m trying to make. I believe I was most successful in explaining through stick figures, that someone’s perspective can go too far in thinking everything around them has a deeper meaning and whatever they see is art. But to this I don’t believe that using stick figures and these photos had as much of an impact as they should. Perhaps if I used real photos in real scenarios, the message would become a little more impactful. But adding strange things like a shed or a totem pole and calling it art made a great addition to understanding how ridiculous people can take art. Another thing I was happy to add was a very extended and detailed caption of how someone is describing the object. This was a recommendation I received from my peer review parter.

My time was mostly spent trying to think how I could effectively convey my message without taking up too much time. Once I settled on doing a comic strip, I set the scene and the only other time consuming part was giving each character something unique to say about their object. I needed them to describe the object they where near in such strange and laughable detail to drive home how strange some people become when talking about art. The biggest challenge I encountered was making this small comic strip easy to understand. Which is why the speech bubbles became so detailed. But there was nothing I could quickly overcome. With the program I used, everything easily made sense. And with using this program I can visually show how we have taken art too far and give people a better understanding than using just words.

I would not say I used other’s pieces of work, but Andy Warhol’s quote is what really inspired me to do this. If I ever do get sued I would want to explain that this was used to better explain the quote instead of just copying the idea directly.

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