Art Analisis

The perspective of art can express many emotions through color, paint type and the caves their used on. I have decided to take a deeper look into a untitled painting by Walter Prochownik. I was very inspired by his artistic skills in this painting and it really resonated with my perspective of the painting itself. Everything he uses makes the message more and more impactful of what I believe is portraying a mental illness of Anxiety.

Anxiety is a painful and lasting scare on someone and it becomes difficult to describe when presented the opportunity. In this painting I see someone in distress and our view point of their suffering. We naturally see things as symmetrical and easy to understand. This helps us try to make a easy and logical explanation for what is going on. That is what I believe is what is protruding out from the canvas. While the painter is expressing their pain, we try to understand it by seeing it as symmetrical and logical. When in fact the underlying feelings are much worse than what the viewer sees. The canvas itself is rough, bumpy and unorganized signifying how the person feels.  Instead of being smooth it is bumpy and showing some distress. While the canvas itself is also not symmetrical. Both ends of the painting are cut off or unfinished, making us question ourselves as to why this is. Similarly we ask a person who has anxiety why they feel this way but most of the time the answer is hard to explain making it rough and asymmetrical.

This painting and its different colors and textures take an interesting look on a terrible mental disorder. Alternatively it is a new way to show to feels to have this pain. In class we are working on remixes, this is where we find a popular idea and put our own spin on it. The world of abstract art is large and is a chance for people to take their own look on what the world presents them. This painting brings a new twist in how a mental illness affects someone and the people around them. By showing both what if feels and what others see it as, this helps form our full understanding of the reality of the mental illness. Unlike most paintings where the ideal reality is shown, this painting the real, painful reality of what many people suffer through everyday.

In the world of art, perspective is usually what people use to understand a painting such as this. For me app on looking at this painting, I relate it to my own experience with anxiety and how I feel when thinking about it. Most of the time when I tell people what i’m going through they see it as simple and that it’s all about training your mind not to think a certain way. But it is much more difficult that that. This painting embodies both those ideas and puts an interesting spin on a painful mental disorder that affects many people.  

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