Growth of Digital Media Language Skills.

Digital media has taken a huge part of our lives in how we communicate ourselves to others around the world. Whether it’s for business or socal use, communication through digital culture has revolutionised over the years. With this has been the moral implications of what we say and how we say it in a world where nearly everything is saved and recorded. We are unable to clearly show our personalities or emotions in a world where our posts and re-tweets make our first impressions. It’s terrifying to know that everything I post and share will be recorded and saved. Nearly the whole world has some sort of digital media. Whether it’s instagram or twitter, imessage or email, someone will give their first impressions through how they communicate through their message.

Pushing through the smoke screen that social media gives us all is difficult to say the least. We need to show people how we feel about certain situations without going too far. This is difficult sometimes in how we post on social media. During certain times we could be feeling one way then an hour later we could feel completely different. Having some sort of self control when we say something to one another can be difficult especially when these comments are easy to make because the person they are directing towards is not there in front of them. They can say things over text or email they would never say to their face. For instance many people think that a break up over text is the safest and easiest way for them to get the message across. But the other person will feel very different given their partner did not try breaking everything down softly instead of choosing more aggressive words to describe their feelings for them. This is a perfect example of how people use the advantage of not meeting the person face to face so they go off on them in a very hurtful way.

Trying to communicate our exact feelings towards each other has been changing over the years when communication has changed from talking over the phone to a few words in a text. With this people have to try harder and harder to tell the person on the other side of the line what they are talking about and how they feel about the conversation so to help this they will become more aggressive in how they speak or text to get the message across properly. For instance when someone is talking to their friend over the phone they will sound much more aggressive than if you were in person. This is because the idea of a face to face conversation is out of the person’s mind and they can start to express their emotions more clearly over the phone. Coming to this conclusion was from conversations with friends and family but if there is one tweet I could reference it’s this tweet. This is from an employee that worked at taco bell who was fired after sending this out. This is something he would not do in front of anyone even as a joke but with the cover of social media, these kind of acts would become more comfortable to carry out. The same could be said about talking over the phone or texting on imessage. We can express what we need to say in a much more aggressive way when were not having that face to face interaction.

I believe that this view is explained using digital media platforms like Tinder and Grinder by Wesley Yang. She explains that we changed the way we have presented ourselves on the internet. Tinder and Grinder are platforms where people can meet up. But in these apps people can be as explicit in what they like as they want. We have started from Myspace where people could share their thoughts to Twitter and Instagram becoming more and more explicit. Adding these details tell people exactly what their into and their sexual preferences. So that way when someone goes online and sees this, they can be see what people want and make their own deductions of this kind of person that wrote all of this. By writing too much and being explicit in how they feel the person on the other end could get the wrong impression and judge this person before really getting to know them.

The backlash of trying to go too far ruins many people’s reputations. Keeping a respectable livelihood in this modern society is difficult because of how much we post on a daily basis. Not even including what we post on as kids. Having these posts saved on the internet means anyone can get ahold of them in some way. One backlash that many people are still unaware about is that employers search for your na4me on all social media platforms to get a feeling of who you are. And some of those post are things that would make or break an interview. This is the kind of negative backlash many people encounter because they forget what kind of things they post. Expressing our emotions so vividly sometimes makes it difficult for people to make connections and be interviewed for jobs because of how people will already judge your character based on what they see is on your instagram.

Our emotions needed to become more obvious to show how we feel on social media. We have changed in the way we communicate with each other. We need to understand how much our words mean on the internet and how it has changed from a standard face to face interaction to a text with a lot of emotion. Learning some self control is how we are able to make comments that we won’t regret later on and will be happy how we took certain situations.

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