Final project reflection

What i like about my project the most is how much creative writing and thoughts i put into this paper. Through throughout writing this, i became worn out and struggled coming up with new ways to describe music without overusing words like instrumental and lyric. I did on the other hand enjoy writing the first part of this essay the most because i was initially getting my thoughts into words. It was much more of a struggle to write the second half which made the writing much more difficult thinking of new words i have not used. The main comments i received was to add more transitions between the decades. When one decade would ended, another one instantly started with no context. I tried my best to make these transitions. When i looked back at the paper i was pretty happy with the revised beginnings and endings to each paragraph.

I put a lot of effort into this project. This though was both good and bad. Like i said i put a lot of energy into the first half. But as i was writing the second half, writing became a lot more difficult. Like running the other half of the race, i was mentally exhausted. I spent about three hours a day working on the first half, rounding to about 21 in total. The second half took me much longer for how much i was dragging it out to the point where it sounds bad. Each paragraph took me about 4 hours total to complete.

Id say that my first half is much more diverse than the last half. It is much more descriptive of each genre and decade. I also put a lot more description for the songs i describe. I make much more of an effort to explain the lyrics and the melody of each song. For most of the writing process though i was in my ideal conditions. Me being in a quiet room by myself is usually how i produce the best work. This was mainly the case for much of my writing process. I was either in my room or in the law and society room where i could think by myself. I was able to use my computer and the library services to help me research and write my paper.

When comparing this essay to my other works, i would say that it is not my best work. As i have mentioned throughout this response, i have had trouble writing the last half. I wish i could make it more satisfactory and up to my standards of creative writing but i can’t think of any way to improve it. But i still learned something from doing this project. That i should not try to use all my brain power at once. I should not wear myself out on one paragraph and i should spread my creativity all throughout the essay. This is something i will keep in mind while writing on my own from now on though.

Final Project

Music has changed drastically over the years and along with our change in tempo, lyrics, and tone. Each decade, though, has some sort of central theme. The 70s where surrounded more around rock with bands such as Queen. And the 2000s were more surrounded around pop. These are a few examples of the types of music that overtook the century they were introduced in. the tempo, choice of lyrics and general tone all change in small or large ways through the years. Those changes have helped cultivate the type of music we listen to today and how we construct our music for the future. 

The beginning of my research began at the true American birth of rock, the 70s. The 70s were an incredibly influential time for music to take new paths and amplify ones that have made small experiences in the past (AIMM). In terms of music, the 70s are most well known as the rock era. This is thanks to one of many bands who brought music to a new level with impactful lyrics and moments instrumentals. Queens has been argued as one of the greatest rock bands of our time. Most well-known for songs like “We Will Rock You” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” landing on the greatest queens helped mold rock into what we know it is today. The “We Will Rock You” has become an American favorite because of its strong base and ground-breaking lyrics. What makes this song differentiate from any other artist is most of the song’s instrumental is composed of two stomps and one clap. It isn’t only until the 1:25 mark that we hear a bone chilling guitar solo to finish off the song.

During this rock centric time, a spike in swing type music emerged forming what became Disco. Disco made a small emergence starting in 1971. This was created with a blend of 1960s swing with the nightlife style the people cultivated in the 70s. Nearly everyone is familiar with the band Village People. They have made several record-breaking songs that anyone today will i know some words to. One of their most famous is “YMCA” where they sing a song about the humble recreation buildings. Many of songs like this where played in disco clubs and have dances to go along with them. The nightlife was revolutionized all under the cover of thee rock age of music.

            After the rock era of the 70s, the music the 80’s created was much darker and louder than rock. This is why the 80s are known for their part in heavy metal, hard rock, and glam metal (AIMM). Along with extremely following in the footsteps of the 70s, bands like Metallica emerged in the early 80s and introduced America to Heavy Metal. Heavy metal is a much more aggressive in tone and instead of smoothly singing the lyrics, the singer shouts and screams their words. One of the most famous and infamous heavy metal bands is “Metallica”. They have helped cultivate what we know today as hard rock. They began in 1981 and have continued to compose new hits.

            One of Metallica’s most famous songs Whiplash. We are introduced to this hatful song with a strong instrumental. For the next minute this instrumental builds higher in pitch and appears to getting closer and outer. After a minutes and 15 seconds the vocals begin and the singers voice intrudes the blank void above the instrumental. As his voice lays through several minutes of hard-core guitar playing and gets more aggressive once the he sings the chorus. A song from the heavy metal category is easy to spot out and meant for this who like their music loud.

While the whole country was head banging to heavy metal, the emergence of a new TV channel killed radio with its ability to being a song to life. MTV emerged in the 80s where music artists could create a video to be watched alongside listening to the song. This video would help depict what the song is describing visually. Many of their movements would match up with the beat and tone making the story easier to follow. Many people will know by name if not tempo the Michael Jackson “Thriller” music video. The song thriller is a spooky take on Halloween type horror. Then the tone is perfectly translated into a visual representation of zombies and other goggles that wreak havoc in our imaginations. While music videos where a revolutionary step in music, the radio never died, it simply was played down to the wonders of television. 

            We take a step back from a a very rock influenced decade when entering the 90’s and turn into a slightly more smooth and upbeat songs. The band Nirvana makes this especially known to where their music is not considered rock, nor is it yet considered pop (AIMM). This is a category called Alternative. This type of music has a variation of both rock with a larger focus in pop. this takes the spread of rock and put it up with a more upbeat tone and lyrics that are delve more deeply in pop in the 2000s. Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is a perfect example of these two art styles coming together to create something great. The excitement of rock combined with the upbeat tempo of pop. 

            The song “Smells like teen spirit” is one of Nirvana’s top hits today. The opening instrumental is easily recognizable playing on the radio and tv constantly. After an opening full of rock, the tone settles down with soft lyrics. Then once the corus crashes in, the tone is amped up and to engage the much more rock centric part of this song. Then once this settles back down, the softer words of encouragement come back as the instrumental comes to a quiet tone until the chorus comes back. This is one of hundreds of greatest hits that gave a truly new spin on rock. Where heavy metal was a louder and much more aggressive version of 70s rock, the 90s cultivated a new genre combining traditional rock with a upbeat style that was able to branch off into its own type of music. 

            With the start of a new Millenia, a new genre of music emerged taking elements of Alternative music with it. The 2000s cultivated a new genre: “Pop” which took the upbeat vibe of alternative music and made it its own by amplifying it (AIMM). A pop song doesn’t need to have happy and cheery lyrics. The upbeat vibe mainly comes from the climax and finally of the songs instrumental. This can be seen in Maroon 5s Misery. The song’s lyrics describe the singers partner leaving him in misery. While this of course is not a happy topic, the instrumental is what makes this song a pop song. Each beat that comes up gives of a infectious vibe. A catchy toon builds up to a high pitch climax. Then a base drop that sends chills down your spine. The music we listen to today is not only the same pop from the 2000s, but we have built of what was to create more amazing music.

            Most of the modern music that is made today is used with a lot with technology. Giving a techno vibe with a heavy base. This has been able to create its own genre called “Alternative Cool Rock.” one of the creatures, and my favorite, Avicii is one of the most well-known and for helping create some of the most listened to songs today. To best describe what Alternative cool rock started with is to take a look at one of Avicii’s first songs “Levels.” this song begins with noises that’s are unrecognizable by any instrument. Slowly it builds and develops a base bombing after every second. This keeps building until it reaches a dropping point where the base stops and a new melody takes its place. This instrument was made with no brass nor string instruments. Then almost as a relief from a song with no words, a woman’s voice peeress through the silence. Once she stops, the only physical instrument, a violin, starts playing the same melody. Then starts back up with the same instrumental as the beginning. This song kickstarted the 2010s with such grace, it being the only one of its time, and at the same time was a punch in the right direction. That direction is one that has led the music industry to use much more electronic sounds as opposed to that of traditional instruments. 

            During this time of new technology came social media. And with the social media, music developers adapted to the times, along with their music videos. Where MTV offered the tv viewers a visual representation of a song they love, these videos could not be accessed easily through platforms such as YouTube. People were posting their songs along with the same type of videos created in the 80s for anyone to see before they made the decision to purchase the song. Along with this, people posted their own videos and ideas with the song playing in the background. These could range from anything like cutting scenes from a movie to sync from the song or a silly song playing over a troop march. The 2010s have opened the world to a whole new type of music that many people in America have come to enjoy. 

            Through this essay, many of these music genres have cultivated from the decade previous, which makes predicting what the 2020s will look like somewhat easy. I predict that will the electronic music we were introduced to in the 2010s, we will see much more of this. In 2020 though we will be introduced to different sounds and melodies. We will also most likely hear new songs that consist of only instrumentals to help the listener focus more on just the beat. What i also predict is that much older music will become much more popular. Many people have argued that every melody has been created, which means that many songs will become much more relevant for young children to find something new to listen too. Pop culture, i predict, will become much more different in the 2020s. 

            Music is one of our greatest forms of entertainment. Much of what we listen to can be used to describe ourselves and the generation we grow up in. music can be used to bring people together on common ground and also make us feel certain emotions. With music around the world and the genres we have developed, we have all become a little more enlightened by just a beat or lyric. 

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Privacy on the internet

I personally have been taught at a young age that anything you post online will most likely stay there forever. This has set in a mindset for me to always be careful and ask myself whether i would want everyone to see this. On my instagram i have one photo and it is of me and a few of my friends from high school. As for platforms like facebook and twitter, i have completed the process of completing my profile but i have not posted anything on either of them.

For the past few years i have been extremely focused on school and i only take breaks occasionally. So my search history would be clouded with things like, MLA style formatting, what the proper accounting cover page would look like, Franciscan values, and many other topics i could not imagine listing. But at the same time i have small searches only searched once like the ROC air center. I looked this up in my process of getting my pilots licence. I will also go on sites like youtube and netflix when i’m taking my breaks. I will mostly find new music genres on youtube and watch some of my favorite shows on Netflix like “Sherlock”.

I do much of my shopping online so many of the things you own i have ordered from a store. Nearly all of the clothes and electronics i use are ordered through the internet. Though when i buy something it is after much consideration and thought before i press purchase. This means i make major purchases not very often. I believe this is the type of profile that is set up for me by google or facebook. A minimal user but when i use it, its for the most important tasks. If they could tell, they could see that currently i am looking for some sort of writing job. With the applications and forms i have completed and submitted online they could tell im looking for any writing job. As a result i am shown ads for a wide variety of writing jobs both near me and out of state. These jobs would require me to punch in or allow me to write from my home.

This being said i have received a wide variety of different ads throughout the past few years of being online. I have received ads such as starting my own company to online mortgage plans. With this it is difficult to say how a company might take this information. Perhaps with all these online applications i have been signing, they may see me as someone who is just getting into the world and looking for a job to sustain myself. And if my age is tracked along with the choice of these ads, then it to would take a facter in these choice of ads. Showing that i am old enough to understand what a mortgage is and be willing to put in for one.

The internet has become incredibly vast over the past few years. It has become a hub for all things shopping and learning amongst a vast assortment of ideas and collaborations between people working to make the internet a more connected place. Though through this free commodity, one thing has been taken away from us that very few people know about, our privacy. As a result much of our search history and online applications are watch closely to monitor our activity to provide through ads we are bound to click on. This invasion of our privacy on the other hand has helped in preventing terrorists and killers from committing heinous acts by looking at their search history.

Blogpost 1: Humor

While our humor has changed over the years, there are two types of humor that are most common and effective. What I see as an effective use of humor is the proper use of sarcasm and dumb humor. In my experience, sarcasm is a tool friends use to convey something silly or outlandish that they would not normally say. The use of this type of humor also tests the quality of a friendship and if the person on the receiving end will take what you say as serious vs taking it as the joke it was intended to be. The other type, dumb humor, is used among friends who say things so blatantly obvious, everyone understands its just a joke. Things that don’t need to be pointed out by anyone to understand, but the use of it in a comical sense has brought a lot of laughs to me and my friends. This is a post I have shown my friends that is a great example of dumb humor:

I like this example because it not only makes me laugh to read, but it makes me want to learn more about the titanic and delve into its deep history. I was able to learn not just more information about the titanic diving expeditions, but I was also exposed to many of the materials that lead the titanic to sinking in the first place. This use of dumb comedy allowed me to see through the meme and into the deep history of the greatest known shipwreck in the past century.

The use of sarcasm has had many effects on the online community. I first heard of the russian conspiracy to hack the 2016 election when I was looking at memes on instagram. At first I thought it was just more sarcasm but then I began to wonder more. This made me question whether it was a joke or had some real background. This then made me look further into the matter and find out for myself what the country had feared to be a possibility. It’s this kind of sarcastic comedy that for many people who don’t watch the news, get current events in the form of jokes.

I believe these are two examples of how humor can be used for good. Both memes made me want to delve further into the context surrounding the picture and the history they hold. Humor has, for many years, made us laugh and cry from the comedic value of a joke. But sometimes there comes a deeper meaning that helps us understand sirtin topics of society. But that doesn’t mean it can be used for something like community building. Such as this meme:

This meme helps build a sirtin community of gamers. The top half of the picture is is where most people would put some sort of meme related to someone getting wrecked or someone doing something sneaky. The bottom half is i’m referencing as a community builder. The bottom half represents a skill perk that had just reached a hundred. This is a direct reference to Skyrim, an open word game where leveling up these kind of perks is extremely difficult. This is a great example of community building through dumb humor because its a reference anyone and only anyone who plays Skyrim will truly understand.

Comedy has changed over the years, but our understanding of comedy and the hidden messages in the joke has also grown. There are hidden messages of community and history in many of the memes that we cultivate today. We are able to grow as a community and strengthen our relationships with others of similar values.

Fundamentals of language

Language is a fundamental peace of society. It is how we communicate with each other and express emotions explicitly. We are taught the language of our country when we are young and later in our education we are required to take a foreign language. But questions like where it came from, how did it progress, who first scripted it are never answered in these traditional classrooms. I propose a separate class that is devoted to describing and answering these questions in detail. Language is such an important part of our lives and learning where it all came from will give us a better understanding of our culture built around that language as a whole.

How the language begins will be the first segment of this class. This will be the introduction to the whole class. In this segment the students will learn who is responsible for starting the language. Then they will be shown how the culture and geography affected that area so much. This will be accomplished by looking first far back into history to our ancient ancestors and how they communicate with each other through signs and noises. Then through the progression of time this signs become a written language. And the noises will develop into the auditory language. Then through the division of mountains and rivers, two different tribes of people will develop different forms of the same word. For instance how in america we call it the elevator and in england they call it the lift. Through the same light students will be shown how the culture begins to push the language in one direction or the other. This will be further explored in the second segment and will be used as a segway. This is the first segment of the class which shall introduce children to the intricacy of how language works.

With the finishing of this segment we will expand more on the culture.The second segment will consist of the growth of this language through that culture. This will begin with the introduction of the people and values held in a group of people. Going further into depth of how their written language has become more complex over the years into what we know today. Ending with a discussion of how that language changed from what it started as to what it is now. Once this is done the instructor will then compare and contrast the different cultures and help the students realise the connections. This will be done by looking at two languages and groups of people and noticing their similarities and differences. Then they will begin to look where these two civilisations split off in ideas and understanding. This will give the students a better understanding of different cultures which is the main focus of this segment.

Finally we will go into further the writing style of the language and how it had formed. To do this we must look fare back in time when cave drawings were the major form of communication. Now as we know the terrain has change how people form their culture which forms their language. With this knowledge students will have the ability to learn how the writing style had changed then comparing it to their own. This will give them a deeper perspective of how what we use today to communicate with each other had changed so drastically over many years. This will also give students the chance to try and write the language themselves helping them slowly learn what writing was like for their ancestors.

The goal of this class is to give students a better understanding of language. They will be able to understand what language consists of and how it first became a communication device. One thing I love about this class is its ability to open students minds to new roads of language. they will be shown the history of it and be exposed to several values and principles of their ancestors culture. They will be allowed to experience a small part of understanding that language then they can decide for themselves if they want to pursue this further. Language is such a fundamental part of society, yet very few people know where it comes from. I believe that my system will help achieve this.

System Analysis

Systems are built of several parts that all intermingle and work with each other. But it doesn’t mean those parts cannot be improved. This is apparent in the system St. Bonaventure has produced with their Creative Writing program. I have had a primary view in the program and i have been able to understand how this system works and how it could be improved. Understanding and learning creative writing in order is the main point of this system.

St. Bonaventure University has cultivated a great Creative Writing Program. With devoted teachers and in depth lectures, anyone can learn how to properly construct their sentences and how to create stories of their own. The system they use to build a student up to receiving their degree is composed of several beginners writing courses. These classes will teach the student basic writing techniques along with letting them get their feet wet with several essay prompts they are expected to complete. These classes are designed to help students understand how to write professionally and thoroughly. Next over the next 3 years they are presented with more trying tasks in creative writing and advanced creative writing courses. These will give the students a chance to write and compose their own stories and get comprehensive feedback. Kids will be able to learn from their own mistakes and build off what they have already wrote. Then finally in their last year of collage, they will take writing 400. This course will give students a writing project based on their interests. This is a project they will work on for the rest of the year all putting the student to finally get their work and everything they have learned out there to be evaluated and judged to professional standards. The creative writing program teaches a student about writing from a beginners level to professional writing in a few short years. While this program is well built and the teachers are devoted and organized, there are still rules of this education that must be followed. Sence each course is important for the next, each class needs to be taken in order or the system will be damaged and the student won’t be able to fully understand what they are learning in the next class if they had not taken the first.

This system embodies the ideology of understanding things in unison. By starting at the beginning and then slowly building up with more facts and knowledge, the final lesson becomes easier to understand. This is obvious in our school systems where we are shown the underlying facts about a cirtin lesson before we are shown how how they all fit together into our understanding of the lesson as a hole. This is connected to our daily lives in the idea that everything requires building up first. In a video game, inisial levels need to be completed before we can take down the boss. We level up as we defeat more levels which makes the final boss fight much easier than if we where to start the game and go to the final level. Everything project requires work and to understand and achieve the final product we must first start by building up.

While this concept is extremely important for many aspects of our lives, the creative writing system still leaves out aspects that should be addressed. I am currently in a writing 102 class which teaches me the underlying fundamentals of writing and how to write with little to no errors. What I feel could improve is the amount of work devoted to one topic. My first few months were devoted to understanding education and writing about our ideal education system. While I believe this lesson could be important, I believe that we spent too much time on it and we could have devoted that time to other aspects of writing. I love the creative writing system and the teachers are devoted to the student’s success. The only improvement I could give is to change direction a little more often.

The school of St. Bonaventure has cultivated an excellent creative writing program and has devoted its time to its students success. I am glad to have first hand experience with the program and look forward to finishing my education with it. Each class is as important as the last and when they come together they create a education that jumpstarts any student into their writing career.

Remix Of Art Perception

“Art is what you can get away with” Andy Warhol makes a very interesting point that nearly anything could be art depending on how you look at it. For my remix, I attempted to create scenarios in which people would interact with various objects in our daily lives and call it art. My goal in this remix is to explain how outrageous some people become when defining art. I want people to see that just because we call something art doesn’t mean it has more value.

I think this comic really helps bring out the point i’m trying to make. I believe I was most successful in explaining through stick figures, that someone’s perspective can go too far in thinking everything around them has a deeper meaning and whatever they see is art. But to this I don’t believe that using stick figures and these photos had as much of an impact as they should. Perhaps if I used real photos in real scenarios, the message would become a little more impactful. But adding strange things like a shed or a totem pole and calling it art made a great addition to understanding how ridiculous people can take art. Another thing I was happy to add was a very extended and detailed caption of how someone is describing the object. This was a recommendation I received from my peer review parter.

My time was mostly spent trying to think how I could effectively convey my message without taking up too much time. Once I settled on doing a comic strip, I set the scene and the only other time consuming part was giving each character something unique to say about their object. I needed them to describe the object they where near in such strange and laughable detail to drive home how strange some people become when talking about art. The biggest challenge I encountered was making this small comic strip easy to understand. Which is why the speech bubbles became so detailed. But there was nothing I could quickly overcome. With the program I used, everything easily made sense. And with using this program I can visually show how we have taken art too far and give people a better understanding than using just words.

I would not say I used other’s pieces of work, but Andy Warhol’s quote is what really inspired me to do this. If I ever do get sued I would want to explain that this was used to better explain the quote instead of just copying the idea directly.

Art Analisis

The perspective of art can express many emotions through color, paint type and the caves their used on. I have decided to take a deeper look into a untitled painting by Walter Prochownik. I was very inspired by his artistic skills in this painting and it really resonated with my perspective of the painting itself. Everything he uses makes the message more and more impactful of what I believe is portraying a mental illness of Anxiety.

Anxiety is a painful and lasting scare on someone and it becomes difficult to describe when presented the opportunity. In this painting I see someone in distress and our view point of their suffering. We naturally see things as symmetrical and easy to understand. This helps us try to make a easy and logical explanation for what is going on. That is what I believe is what is protruding out from the canvas. While the painter is expressing their pain, we try to understand it by seeing it as symmetrical and logical. When in fact the underlying feelings are much worse than what the viewer sees. The canvas itself is rough, bumpy and unorganized signifying how the person feels.  Instead of being smooth it is bumpy and showing some distress. While the canvas itself is also not symmetrical. Both ends of the painting are cut off or unfinished, making us question ourselves as to why this is. Similarly we ask a person who has anxiety why they feel this way but most of the time the answer is hard to explain making it rough and asymmetrical.

This painting and its different colors and textures take an interesting look on a terrible mental disorder. Alternatively it is a new way to show to feels to have this pain. In class we are working on remixes, this is where we find a popular idea and put our own spin on it. The world of abstract art is large and is a chance for people to take their own look on what the world presents them. This painting brings a new twist in how a mental illness affects someone and the people around them. By showing both what if feels and what others see it as, this helps form our full understanding of the reality of the mental illness. Unlike most paintings where the ideal reality is shown, this painting the real, painful reality of what many people suffer through everyday.

In the world of art, perspective is usually what people use to understand a painting such as this. For me app on looking at this painting, I relate it to my own experience with anxiety and how I feel when thinking about it. Most of the time when I tell people what i’m going through they see it as simple and that it’s all about training your mind not to think a certain way. But it is much more difficult that that. This painting embodies both those ideas and puts an interesting spin on a painful mental disorder that affects many people.  

Growth of Digital Media Language Skills.

Digital media has taken a huge part of our lives in how we communicate ourselves to others around the world. Whether it’s for business or socal use, communication through digital culture has revolutionised over the years. With this has been the moral implications of what we say and how we say it in a world where nearly everything is saved and recorded. We are unable to clearly show our personalities or emotions in a world where our posts and re-tweets make our first impressions. It’s terrifying to know that everything I post and share will be recorded and saved. Nearly the whole world has some sort of digital media. Whether it’s instagram or twitter, imessage or email, someone will give their first impressions through how they communicate through their message.

Pushing through the smoke screen that social media gives us all is difficult to say the least. We need to show people how we feel about certain situations without going too far. This is difficult sometimes in how we post on social media. During certain times we could be feeling one way then an hour later we could feel completely different. Having some sort of self control when we say something to one another can be difficult especially when these comments are easy to make because the person they are directing towards is not there in front of them. They can say things over text or email they would never say to their face. For instance many people think that a break up over text is the safest and easiest way for them to get the message across. But the other person will feel very different given their partner did not try breaking everything down softly instead of choosing more aggressive words to describe their feelings for them. This is a perfect example of how people use the advantage of not meeting the person face to face so they go off on them in a very hurtful way.

Trying to communicate our exact feelings towards each other has been changing over the years when communication has changed from talking over the phone to a few words in a text. With this people have to try harder and harder to tell the person on the other side of the line what they are talking about and how they feel about the conversation so to help this they will become more aggressive in how they speak or text to get the message across properly. For instance when someone is talking to their friend over the phone they will sound much more aggressive than if you were in person. This is because the idea of a face to face conversation is out of the person’s mind and they can start to express their emotions more clearly over the phone. Coming to this conclusion was from conversations with friends and family but if there is one tweet I could reference it’s this tweet. This is from an employee that worked at taco bell who was fired after sending this out. This is something he would not do in front of anyone even as a joke but with the cover of social media, these kind of acts would become more comfortable to carry out. The same could be said about talking over the phone or texting on imessage. We can express what we need to say in a much more aggressive way when were not having that face to face interaction.

I believe that this view is explained using digital media platforms like Tinder and Grinder by Wesley Yang. She explains that we changed the way we have presented ourselves on the internet. Tinder and Grinder are platforms where people can meet up. But in these apps people can be as explicit in what they like as they want. We have started from Myspace where people could share their thoughts to Twitter and Instagram becoming more and more explicit. Adding these details tell people exactly what their into and their sexual preferences. So that way when someone goes online and sees this, they can be see what people want and make their own deductions of this kind of person that wrote all of this. By writing too much and being explicit in how they feel the person on the other end could get the wrong impression and judge this person before really getting to know them.

The backlash of trying to go too far ruins many people’s reputations. Keeping a respectable livelihood in this modern society is difficult because of how much we post on a daily basis. Not even including what we post on as kids. Having these posts saved on the internet means anyone can get ahold of them in some way. One backlash that many people are still unaware about is that employers search for your na4me on all social media platforms to get a feeling of who you are. And some of those post are things that would make or break an interview. This is the kind of negative backlash many people encounter because they forget what kind of things they post. Expressing our emotions so vividly sometimes makes it difficult for people to make connections and be interviewed for jobs because of how people will already judge your character based on what they see is on your instagram.

Our emotions needed to become more obvious to show how we feel on social media. We have changed in the way we communicate with each other. We need to understand how much our words mean on the internet and how it has changed from a standard face to face interaction to a text with a lot of emotion. Learning some self control is how we are able to make comments that we won’t regret later on and will be happy how we took certain situations.